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The Circular Life of a Cardboard Box

Used cardboard can pile up quickly behind stores, in warehouses and on loading docks, slowing your business and creating a health and fire hazard. Learn how International Paper guarantees movement of every ounce of your used cardboard to improve your company’s environmental profile, eliminate bulky and dangerous waste from your workplaces, and drive new revenue streams. International Paper makes recycling easy. Learn how by downloading our free white paper today.

This White Paper illustrates:

  • How a cardboard box is recycled
  • How we make new boxes from used pulp
  • The environmental benefits of recycling
  • How we achieve closed-loop circularity
  • Our nationwide network of recycling plants
  • Our best-in-class transportation capabilities
  • How International Paper guarantees movement and pays on-time
  • How our certified reporting supports your sustainability profile
  • How we shape a recycling program tailored to your company’s needs
  • And much more

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